Friday, 9 December 2011

Updating Table Entity In Azure Table Storage With Out Querying Table Entity:-

public void Update()
   //specify storage credentials.
   StorageCredentialsAccountAndKey credentials = new      StorageCredentialsAccountAndKey("storageaccountname","key");

  //create a reference to your storage account, passing in your credentials.

  CloudStorageAccountstorageAccount = new CloudStorageAccount(credentials ,   true);

  //create object  to CloudTableClient to access  the Table service.

  CloudTableClient tableClient = new CloudTableClient   (storageAccount.TableEndpoint.ToString(),

   //creates the  table if not exist

   //get data context
   TableServiceContext context = tableClient.GetDataServiceContext();

  //table object which inherits from TableServiceEntity
  TableEntity obj = new TableEntity();

  //partitionkey of the existing table entity
  obj.PartitionKey= partitionKey;

  //rowkey of the existing table entity
  obj.RowKey = rowkey;

  //user id propery
  obj.UserId= userId;

  //this method forces the context to track on the specified entity
  context.AttachTo("TableName", obj, "*");

  //this method updates the object

  //this method replaces the old object with new one.
 //table entity class
 public class TableEntity :TableServiceEntity
    public TableEntity()

    //user id propery
    public string UserId{get;set;}


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