Saturday, 1 December 2012

Installation Of Sqoop In Ubuntu

Apache Sqoop is a tool designed for efficiently transferring bulk data between Apache Hadoop and structured data stores such as relational databases.

The Sqoop-1.4.0-INCUBATING installation is done in below versions of Linux, Java and Hadoop respectively.

JAVA 1.7.0_09
HADOOP 1.1.0

I have hduser as a dedicated hadoop system user. I had installed my Hadoop in /home/hduser/hadoop folder. Now I am going to install sqoop in /home/hduser folder. Change the directory to the hduser and execute below commands.

Download the Sqoop from below URL using wget.

Unzip the tar file.
sudo tar xzf  sqoop-1.4.0-incubating.tar.gz

Change the name to Sqoop.
sudo mv  sqoop-1.4.0-incubating Sqoop

Set the SQOOP_HOME path.
I had downloaded the Sqoop to the /home/hduser/sqoop folder.
export SQOOP_HOME="/home/hduser/sqoop"

Test your installation by typing
sqoop help

Download the appropriate database driver and store it in lib folder /home/hduser/sqoop/lib.

Go to the ->sqoop -> bin and test examples…


  1. Thanks for putting together this article. My approach was similar (for sqoop-1.4.3.bin__hadoop-1.0.0), but I get following error:
    Please install a JDK and set $JAVA_HOME to use it.
    13/04/19 09:54:11 ERROR tool.ImportTool: Encountered IOException running import job: Could not start Java compiler.

    I googled for this and what the solution mentioned was that JAVA_HOME should point to the JDK.
    I checked this and in my case this is already happening:

    Do you have any ideas on how to solve this? I have JAVA_HOME set in .bashrc.

  2. Try changing the directory permissions to 750.