Saturday, 18 May 2013

Associating the Competitor to Product in CRM

We can associate the Competitor to the Product using the below code.

var xrm = new XrmServiceContext("Xrm");

Guid competitorId = new Guid();

EntityReferenceCollection relatedEntitiesCompetitor = new EntityReferenceCollection();

relatedEntitiesCompetitor.Add(new EntityReference(CompetitorProduct.EntityLogicalName, competitorId));

Relationship relationshipCompetitor = new Relationship("competitorproduct_association");

xrm.Associate("product", newProduct.Id, relationshipCompetitor, relatedEntitiesCompetitor);

Here the competitorproduct_association is the relationship between the Price List and the Product. We can see the relationship in the CRM portal. The steps are
Settings->Customizations->Customize the System->Entities->Select the Entity ->Click on Relationship.

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